WIPCE Background

World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education 2022

30+ Years of WIPCE

An estimated 370 million Indigenous peoples live in all continents of the earth and represent a significant part of the world’s vast cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage.

Indigenous peoples possess unique knowledge systems, which are recognised as crucial for sustainable development. At the same time, social, economic and political marginalisation of Indigenous peoples is pervasive in all the regions across the world.

Indigenous peoples face fundamental challenges when attempting to reconcile their own forms of culturally transmitted learning with systems of formal education. Over the past 30 years, WIPCE has endeavoured to address this issue and has grown to become a major international event in the Indigenous education movement. The WIPCE conference draws Indigenous representatives from across the globe to share successes and strategies for culturally grounded education. The needs of young Indigenous educators and leaders will be a key feature of WIPCE 2022 youth forums. WIPCE attracts Indigenous education experts, practitioners, scholars, students and communities, with up to 5,000 delegates expected in 2022 – the largest and most diverse Indigenous education forum on earth.

Image courtesy United Nations